Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hispanic Heritage Month Every Month

One of the things about Comcast that I’m most proud of is our company’s commitment to diversity. With nearly 60 percent of our workforce made up of women and employees of color, Comcast truly represents the communities we serve.

But Comcast’s commitment to diversity doesn’t stop with hiring – it actively encourages its employees to celebrate their many cultures.

Comcast does this in part through its commitment to employee resource groups, which foster awareness of our nation’s diverse cultural and ethnic heritages in the workplace and provide important professional development opportunities.

I’m proud to lead the Philadelphia chapter of Unidos, the employee resource group that celebrates Latino culture and heritage.

With over 300 members in Philadelphia, we have grown our chapter to be one of the largest in the company.

Earlier this month, we were proud to help lead our Comcast’s celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month with a reception in the lower atrium of the Comcast Center. The event, which featured a Latin jazz ensemble, gave about 150 Comcast employees and guests a chance to see the work of and meet contemporary Latin American artists.

The night gave us an opportunity to showcase the diversity within the Latino American community and gave a chance for our partner, RACSO Fine Arts, to speak about the Latino art scene.

At Unidos, we try to host one event like this a month – ranging from talks and lunches to volunteerism to social events. Our goal is to promote networking and mentoring among different Comcast departments while celebrating our culture. And because service to the community is a pillar of Unidos, 170 members volunteered at Congreso de Latinos Unidos in Kensington during our annual Comcast Cares Day.

Comcast’s approach to diversity makes good business sense. In my work as senior product manager for multicultural services, I know firsthand how important it is for a media company like Comcast to be reflective of and responsive to all of our many audiences. I’ve also appreciated how my work at Unidos has helped me to develop my leadership skills and interact with different parts of our business.

I’m proud of the work we do at Unidos, and I’m grateful to Comcast for encouraging such an inclusive and diverse workplace.